Media Monitoring & Analysis

Media Monitoring implies interesting for the customer sphere, brand, theme and/or looking for information about person in the media, structuring and analysis. Monitoring is carried out throughout Georgian and foreign media sources. We are able to lead monitoring in variety of countries, e.g. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, etc. Monitoring and analysis is carried out in print, electronic and online media.

Media Analysis means studying tendencies of coverage of different events through media sources. Media is one of the main tools working on formation of public attitude. Each message sent by media is crucial for formation the image of different persons or brands. Evaluation media space is one of the most important components for elimination of problems and maintenance of the right strategy. 

  • General analysis of media;
  • Analysis of media segments;
  • Analysis of brand/organization through media;
  • Analyses of competitors' media policy;
  • Comparative analysis of reputation.