Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is one of the main components for maintaining the popularity and right activities of any person, organization or business company.  PR unites the means essencial for forming harmonious relationship, eliminating of misunderstandings and improving of the communication among organizations and society. It is an important tool for improvement relations, manage crisis situations and minimize the possibilities of unexpected occurrences.

Branding, corporative PR, crisis management, planning of media policy, planning and realization of communication campaign, image construction these are the main components forming positive public image of the organizations and granting success of the companies. 

PR Consulting Group offers improvement of communication strategy with innovative and original PR products. Our methods are based on the latest experiences and studies of leading PR studios and managers.


  • Creation of Brand;
  • Political PR;
  • Business PR;
  • Individual PR;
  • Anti-crisis PR;
  • Corporate PR;
  • Maintenance, planning and realization of communication strategy and campaign.